If you want to cut the budget, start with the faith based programs!

World Vision receives $344 million tax dollars every yearEnd taxpayer support for churches

When the founding fathers started to disestablish the state run churches, the first thing they did was abolish taxpayer support for them. Sure, there were those who argued that instead of giving tax money to one church, we should fund all of them equally. But that idea was quickly squelched. After all, if we don’t want our taxes used to fund one church, why on earth would we want to fund hundreds of them?

And yet, that is exactly what we are doing. Through the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships the US Government is giving out an estimated $60 billion dollars worth of taxpayer money to churches.  And yes, that is billion with a B.

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Do your part to pay down the national debt!

The National Debt and Taxes

Ok – so, we have this humungous national debt.  We owe about $14 trillion dollars.  As the Tea Party has pointed out, this is unacceptable. We have to cut the debt. Unfortunately, even though the Republicans like to run on this issue, they are actually the cause of our runaway debt.  Seriously, they are. I like to think of them as don’t tax and spend like drunken sailor with a stolen credit card Republicans. Anyway, check out this chart.  When Republicans rule, the debt increases.  

Republicans spend like drunken sailors with a stolen credit card

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Honor Killings and Women’s Rights

honor killings and forced marriagesHonor Killings and the Rights of women

I was asked by a friend to write something about this issue.  We have all heard the stories; honor killings and attempted honor killings are on the rise in western countries. Cultural practices being brought over by immigrant groups. And no, this isn’t just a problem with Islam, though those are often the most high profile cases of late. The UN Population Fund estimates that 5,000 women are killed annual in the name of honor.

Unfortunately, this problem is linked to that of forced child marriage. In England 100s of girls go missing every year, sent “home” to get married to men they don’t know. If they resist, they are beaten and sometimes killed.  There are support groups across Europe designed to help young girls escape this fate, most notably in England, where hundreds of school girls disappear every year because their families take them out of the country to marry them to complete strangers.

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