Safe and Legal Requires Regulation

and Guns

I feel bad that I haven’t had time to write as much as I want
on this blog, so I end up having to link two issues into a single round up.
But here goes. The staff at an abortion clinic in Philadelphia are facing criminal
charges related to the death of one of the patients as well as incredibly squalid
conditions and pill mongering. It turns out that this "abortion clinic"
was an illegal clinic. As such, the doctor wasn’t trained in or licensed to
perform abortions and he had no oversight. Women who went to this clinic apparently
did so to avoid the protestors at the legal and therefore regulated clinic.
That’s right, if it weren’t for the anti-abortion harassing women who were trying
to get legal and therefore safe abortions, these women wouldn’t have felt compelled
to go to a disgusting squalid illegal clinic to get an abortion. In other words,
protesting didn’t prevent women from seeking abortions. It just pushed them
into get dangerous ones. Making it harder to get a legal and therefore safe
abortion has the same effect. It pushes women into the illegal and therefore
unsafe option. Abortion needs to be legal to be safe. So on the anniversary
of Roe V. Wade – we may need to resurrect the old motto – keep abortions safe
and legal.

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Two Things and a Rant

The problem of violent religious rhetoricTwo Things and a Rant

Ok – need to talk about a letter to the editor in my local paper and Sarah Palin and yes they are related.  And yes, this does have to do with the shooting in Arizona and yes this is my commentary about violent rhetoric. Let’s start with the letter writer and let me just preface this with a comment – this is why we liberals are frightened by conservatives and by frightened I mean, we fear for our lives.

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Humanism is not the same thing as Atheism

Humanism does not equal Atheism

So just finished reading The Humanist magazine from the American Humanist Association. Once again – it’s a great issue. However, one of the book reviews made me really annoyed. Jende Huang – whom I adore – reviewed Greg Graffin’s new book. Greg Gaffin was the lead singer for the punk band Bad Religion and now holds a PhD in zoology from Cornell. It sounds like a cool book; the problem is that Jende uses words like Humanism, Atheism, non-religious and nontheists interchangeably when he really shouldn’t. If you are talking about Atheists, you are not necessarily talking about Humanists. Simply put, not all Humanists are atheists and not all atheists are Humanists.

This comes up because apparently Graffin calls himself a naturalist even though he is an Atheist mostly because he doesn’t want to associate with what he calls “God-haters.” Jende takes issue with Graffins complaint.  I think Jende misses the point. 

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