Should Circumcision be Illegal?

Is Circumcision child abuse or are there legitimate reasons for infant circumcisionShould Circumcision be Illegal?

My husband doesn’t understand why when a freethinker or Humanist says they are against circumcision I try to educate them about the issue. After all, I don’t really care whether kids are circumcised or not.  I tell him the reason I bother is because in addition to a misinformation campaign being waged by intactivists, they also have a political agenda, which seeks to criminalize circumcision entirely, no exceptions for religious or medical reasons.

When I bring this up, my fellow Humanists scoff, and say I’m being a bit paranoid and that there is no such criminalization agenda. However, there clearly is and the proof that there is such an agenda just emerged from, of all places, San Francisco (see:

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Meditating on the National Day of Prayer

National Day or Prayer is forced theocracy

Meditating on the National Day of Prayer

So the National Day of Prayer came and went and once again I didn’t participate. I suspect most people didn’t. In my county only 175 people showed up to the event.  That’s out of over 300,000 people. That basically means that a whopping 99.94% of the residents of my county, in the south otherwise known as the Bible Belt, had better things to do with their time then pray for our country, even though our government specifically and officially asked us to pray.

I suspect, that most people, like me, don’t see the point of the National Day of Prayer and willfully ignore our government’s request. They either: pray all the time and don’t need a special day set-aside for it, or they don’t think the government needs praying for or they don’t pray at all, like me.

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