How does a Humanist find meaning in life?

What is the meaning of life?

10 easy ways to infuse your life with meaning and purpose – live your life like a Humanist

you actions have consequences, choose your actions wisely - Jen Hancock, Humanist

As a Humanist educator, part of what I do is I teach people how to infuse their lives with meaning and purpose. Here are 10 thoughts on how a Humanist finds meaning in life.

1) Finding meaning is difficult – we will never truly know if there is a grand design or purpose to our lives, so stop worrying about that. Live your life fully and do the best you can.

2) Be the best most ethical person you can be. It will make your life easier and help you feel more connected to humanity.

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How to problem solve like a Humanist

Problem Solving the Humanist Way

Improve your problem solving skills in 4 simple steps

How to problem solve like a Humanist

The main reason Humanists choose to be Humanists is because Humanism works. It is a very effective way of viewing ourselves, our lives and our purpose. It also provides an excellent methodology for problem solving and as I always say, better decision lead to better outcomes.

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Getting Rid of Strawmen arguments

you can't control what other people think, all you can do is help them think in new ways. Jen Hancock, Humanist

Extinguishing a behavior – Republicans and their strawmen

I hate to bring up politics again. Especially as we are all mostly calming down from last month’s elections.  But … I was asked to weigh in on how we can use operant conditioning to extinguish an unwanted behavior in Republicans. Specifically, how to get them to give up their strawmen arguments.

First, a little background. I have been trained in operant conditioning, which is basically about using what we know about how animals learn and unlearn behaviors to change the behavior of others. And yes, I have promised my husband to only use these powers for good. 

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Humanism and Human Rights – a short history

What do Humanists want?

Humanism and Human Rights – a history

I am currently teaching a course at the Center for Inquiry online on Humanism, Atheism and Social Justice. One of our topics is about the history of Humanism and its relationship to human rights.   Additionally, International Human Rights Day was a couple of days ago (Dec 10th), so I wanted to address this topic.

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Don’t argue with a Humanist if you are unprepared

Don't argue with a Humanist if your opinions aren't based on facts

Have a good reason for opinions

This is a pet peeve of mine. People having opinions and asking me to respect their opinions, but they have no good reason to hold their opinions in the first place.

Look, I have no problem with disagreement. In fact, I think disagreement is healthy and I enjoy a good debate because I always learn something new. However, every once in a while, I find that the other person is an idiot and that’s not a designation I like to put on anyone.

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Humanist Parenting during the Holidays

I'm not just skeptical about Santa - Skepticism is a way of life for me. I'm a Humanist - Jen Hancock

Humanist Parenting during the holidays

As a Humanist parent, I am not a religious person. But that doesn’t mean I am bringing up my child to be an atheist. I’m not. I’m bringing him up to be a freethinker. It is up to him to decide what he wants to believe or not believe.

Currently he believes in Santa Claus. He is sure I am a Santa skeptic. I’m not sure where he got that idea aside from the fact I am always skeptical about, well, everything. Being a skeptic is a way of life for a Humanist.

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