How off course has the Humanist movement gotten?

How off course has the Humanist movement gotten?

What is Humanism and why does it matter what the Humanist movement talks about?

Humanism: where possibility meets responsibility

I have a 2nd cousin who is a doctor. When I last saw him I mentioned what I do and about my role in encouraging the Humanist movement to focus on, you know, Humanism instead of atheism. He was shocked. He had no idea Humanism, which is a big deal in medical schools, was consumed with a debate about atheism. It never comes up in his realm of Humanist medicine.

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Does Humanism Need Defending

Does Humanism Need Defending?

My friend Matt discovered recently that Azerbaijan has a law that says the government must dissolve any religious group that "propagates a faith that degrades human dignity or contradicts the principles of humanism." Other grounds for dissolution include "hindering secular education."

No group corners the market in stupidity

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What we say matters

Language’s Slippery Slope

Why the words we choose really do matter. And why harmless teasing is rarely harmless.

No JerksSuddenly, I find that I’m a rabid feminist.  I didn’t mean to be. I’m actually a Humanist and I really like men. Most men anyway. My husband for sure.

Anyway, a fellow Humanist who will remain nameless because this isn’t about him, called a female politician a cunt who should suck his dick because he was mad she had made a racist comment. I have been banned from this man’s page for pointing out how incredibly rude and sexist his comment was. I’m ok with that. I actually normally like his blog so I was a bit shocked when he banned me over this but if he isn’t ethical enough to admit he made a mistake, and apologize and move on, then so be it. That’s his problem.

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Stopping Inappropriate Behavior

Inappropriate Behaviors

We need a plan, ladies, on how to deal with inappropriate behavior at conferences, before it happens.

Stop bullying with Well Chosen Words

Here’s the thing about Humanists, skeptics, atheists and others in the movement. We don’t like to impose our judgments about what is right and wrong on others.  This is especially true about sexual behavior. As long as it is consensual, it’s none of our business.

I bring this up because there is a problem with sexual harassment at atheist conventions and conferences. This means, there is behavior happening that isn’t consensual. And no, I’m not just talking about hitting on ladies poorly, though that happens a lot too.  Most women aren’t too offended by inept advances as they are easily rebuffed.

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I have a dream

I have a dream

What can Humanism be in society, and how can we fund the creation of Humanist communities.

Humanist Learning SystemsI have a dream. My dream is that when people have a problem, they won’t turn to charlatans or woo based self-help for help. They won’t turn to supernatural nonsense and wishing to fix their problems, they will instead take responsibility for their actions, to the extent that they can and fix them!

This dream of rational problem solving extends to not just personal and interpersonal problems but to business and politics as well.

My dream is a dream of a Humanist community where we encourage each other to learn and grow and be better people in all areas of our lives.

To have this dream become a reality, we need physical buildings where we can host these communities and come together to learn whatever skill it is we are hoping to learn.

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Why I haven’t accepted Jesus

Why Evangelizing to a Humanist is a bad idea.

Save Yourself

I was asked for my opinion the other day on what it would take for me to “accept” Jesus.  The only reason I am even answering this question is so that I don’t have to answer it again.  Well, that’s not the only reason.

I hope by answering it that it will help people who are interested in evangelizing to Humanists understand why doing so is not only a bad idea, it’s rather rude. Look.  I respect your right to believe differently. What you need to understand is that I have not chosen to be a Humanist out of ignorance. I chose this approach because I researched my options and decided this was the best option for me.  I’m ok that you think differently. I really am. And I am not interested in offending anyone by sharing my opinions about your faith with you.

But since I have to repeatedly endure this particular question, I thought I would put my answer on paper so that you will understand why even attempting to convert me won’t end well.

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Is Humanism responsible for Miley Cyrus twerking?

Is Humanism responsible for Miley Cyrus twerking?

SumogirlHumanism gets blamed for everything.  Take this for example:  In it – Ray Comfort, the creationist, claims that it is because of Humanism that Miley Cyrus sinned by twerking on national tv for the applause of men.

It is entirely possible that it is because of Humanism that we were all treated to Miley Cyrus twerking. She was raised Christian but she now embraces science (she is a fan of Lawrence Krauss and Albert Einstein – both Humanists who she quotes on twitter) and if you needed further proof that she is no longer the poster child for “correct” Christianity, she is also a gay rights proponent. And … if you believe Wikipedia, she has a tattoo of the equal sign on her finger, leading one to wonder if she might be gay and we at some point may have a coming out with her.

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What should we do about Syria?

How should a Humanist Respond to the Syria Conflict?

Since Humanism is about ethics and responsibility and compassion, what is the proper Humanist response to the current crisis?

I received the following question from a fan:

I’m wondering how you, as a Humanist, would respond to Syria’s use of chemical weapons and to the idea of a military response by the USA (and/or other nations). – LP

My answer:

Well, not surprisingly, it turns out we Humanists are fairly divided over this issue. That isn’t unusual. We are divided over a lot of things.

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