What Humanists should be talking about

The Conversation We Should Be Having

Why I think Humanists need to stop obsessing about Atheism.

Humanism is about caring for other humans and the communities in which we live

The Humanist magazine had a great article in it recently from Sikivu Hutchinson. (See: http://thehumanist.com/magazine/may-june-2014/up-front/who-wants-to-be-a-rocket-scientist-race-gender-and-the-stem-divide ) I think it is right on and it’s the sort of conversation we need to be having as Humanists.

Simply put – people believing in religion is not our biggest most pressing problem!  Discrimination against atheists happens, and we need to come out and deal with it. But is that a Humanist problem? Yes – but only because it’s a human rights issue.

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Humanist & Atheist morality

What do you mean atheists have no morals?

My morals are the only thing keeping me from becoming a pastor and exploiting gullibility for profit.

My morals are the only thing keeping me from taking advantage of you

OK – I didn’t come up with this graphic, but I’ve definitely struggled with it.  And judging by how well this meme was received on Facebook – I’m not the only one.

Pretty much every atheist or humanist I know has considered starting a religion because there is a lot of money to be made in the religion business.

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