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Humanism vs. Supernaturalism

Humanism vs. Supernaturalism

Humanism is not a theological rejection of religion.  It’s a pragmatic rejection of all supernaturalism The difference matters – here’s why

Critical Thinking - it's not just for debunking religion

First, Humanism is a philosophy. What is a philosophy? According to the Atlas Society – which is an objectivist group but whose definition of philosophy I totally agree with, Philosophy is: “a comprehensive system of ideas about human nature and the nature of the reality we live in. It is a guide for living, because the issues it addresses are basic and pervasive, determining the course we take in life and how we treat other people.”

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Yes All Women!

Yes All Women

What can you do to help make the world a better place for everyone.

Treat Women as Fully Human

Yes all women. And yes all blacks. And yes all choose your minority. And yes all marginalized people.  Yes. We all live with harassment and discrimination not because of something we’ve done, but just because we exist.  Some of us experience it more than others.
The Yes all women meme started after the Isla Vista shooting. It’s been a long time coming. And this is because every time women try to talk about this – we are told by well-meaning men – who think what we are experiencing is other well-meaning men being inept at hitting on us, that our experiences aren’t what we thought they were and that we should be nicer to guys who are, well, inept.

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What aren’t you scared?

Why aren’t you scared? (My advice)

Humanism is joyous service to mankind


God definitely exists and I know I’m going to heaven. But for atheists aren’t they scared? My priest told me that If I’m a good person I will go to heaven. And when I get to heaven I will get everything I want. So now that I know my God loves me then why don’t more people want to go to heaven…


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Shared Philosophy or Shared Ethics

Share Philosophy or Shared Ethics?

We are all different. Let it Be


What is more important? Shared philosophy or shared ethics.

(Note: This question was asked on Quora and dealt with what the differences and similarities were between Christina philosophic approach to ethics and the Humanist approach.)


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