We must stop white flight

We have to stop white flight

Love me I’m a liberal

I meet Humanists – who don’t like to go to certain neighborhoods because – they are scared. That’s a black neighborhood!

If we are to end the subjugation of black communities, the killing of black youth by white people without consequence, and black bodies which are being sold into a new slavery that is the privatized prison system, then we whites, need to stop fleeing from our black brothers and sisters.

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Humanism in politics

Humanism in Government

Does humanism type of ideology exist in the past in governmental doctrines&policies of its practice? This question from K. I.

Just ends cannot be created by unjust means

Great question!  The answer is yes.  It is often invoked, sometimes inappropriately to promote or justify government decisions. And like all philosophies can be misused.

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grief extinction process

5 Stages of Grief from an Operant Conditioning Perspective

The 5 stages of grief are a perfect example of an extinction burst. This knowledge can help you not only experience grief more quickly, but get to acceptance more easily.

Grief experience

The 5 stages of grief are listed as:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • And acceptance.

These stages don’t necessarily occur in order and different people spend a different amount of time in each stage.  The final stage being acceptance.  For more on the stages of grief and how people experience them visit this psych central article: http://psychcentral.com/lib/the-5-stages-of-loss-and-grief/000617

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Silence is betrayal

Silence is Betrayal

Why all wars are wars on the poor – and while the military is a jobs program – that money would be better spent elsewhere.

Don't glorify violence

I understand the need for a military and a police force. I really do. Having the ability to put down threats is necessary – but excessive military does more harm than good  because it skews our priorities and our understanding of problems and how we solve them.  When people think in a military way – all problems end up having a military solution, even if that makes things worse.

It is impossible to separate the politics of war out from the politics of poverty. For every dime we spent waging war, that is a dime we do not spend feeding the homeless.

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Atheism isn’t enough

Why Atheism isn’t Enough

Humanism rejects all forms of supernaturalism.  Here’s Why

.The price of rejecting reality is high

With all due respect to Stephen Law, who in a recent article argued that naturalism should not be a pre-requisite for Humanism and that atheism was sufficient. http://stephenlaw.blogspot.com/2014/09/secular-humanism-dont-define-it-as.html  I disagree. Law made this argument apparently because there are lots of people who don’t reject supernaturalism but who are atheists and these people should feel welcome under the Humanist tent.  I disagree.

And it’s not because I’m a strident atheist.  It’s just that rejection of theism isn’t enough.  There is a reason why most Humanists reject all forms of supernaturalism.

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Freethought Day

Freethought and the practice of Humanism

Why Humanists celebrate Freethought Day

Freethought is Fun

Humanists have our own holiday calendar. One of the holidays unique to Humanists is Freethought Day, which is the day we celebrate the end of the Salem Witch Trials, which is Oct 12th, in case you were wondering.

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We need to raise the minimum wage

Why raise the minimum wage?

The engine of the economy is consumers. Consumers buy the goods and create the market. Without consumers, there is no market.

Humanism in Business - it's time for a revolution

Who are the consumers? Workers. If workers are unable to afford to purchase the goods they create and sell, there is no market and no economy.

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Big Idea 2014 – Stop Bullying

What the Big Idea? Stop Bullying.

Isn’t it time we actually learn what works to stop bullying?

A fairer and more just world isn't going to happen on its own

As much as I hate to use buzz words, we are due for a paradigm shift when it comes to how we deal with bullying, harassment and discrimination in society. This is a problem that has plagued school children since forever. And even if we are lucky enough to survive childhood, the bullies follow us into the workforce.

The problem is so pervasive; most people have come to believe that there is nothing that can be done to stop bullying and harassment. But that isn’t true. There is something that can be done.  Bullying and harassments are behaviors and they lend themselves to a behavioral solution.

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