Failed states are a danger to us all

Why failed states are a danger to us all

Why Humanists must concern themselves with global politics and cultivate a global perspective.

Nationalism is always a problem

As I write this, America is recovering from an Ebola scare.  Ebola, a potentially deadly West African disease, has made it to America.  It was only a matter of time. We live in a globally connected world. People travel. Diseases travel with them.

The spread of Ebola may have been preventable though. One of the reasons it go out of control is because the country it is  ravishing (Liberia) has no central government organized well enough to control it.

Yes, Liberia has a government. According to Wikipedia, it is run as a constitutional republic.  But Wikipedia also lists Somalia as being parliamentary republic.

Having a government doesn’t mean your government has the ability to do things.  In the case of Liberia, the government had no ability to enforce let alone create quarantines. It had no ability to provide an education campaign to help people whose family members have Ebola understand how not to contract it or spread it to others. It couldn’t even provide hospitals and doctors and nurses to staff them and care for patients.

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Free Market Follies

Free Markets Don’t Fix Everything.

Cartoonist Adam Zyglis created a really wonderful cartoon shortly after the 2008 economic crash – see below and view at original site here:

They don't need stop signs, they can self regulate

What I like about this cartoon is that it all comes back to Hayek.  Friedrich Hayek, the economist, whom free market fanatics like to quote when they claim that the government should not be doing … anything.

They argue, like Hayak, that despite its inequities, the free market does a better job of distributing goods and services than a central government can.  The problem is – that’s not all that Hayak said.

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