11 Principles of Humanist Ethics

11 Principles of Humanist Ethics

A statement by the great Humanist Corliss Lamont on the main principles of the Humanist philosophy.

The Power of Humanism

Taken from his essay: The Affirmative Ethics of Humanism – http://www.corliss-lamont.org/ethics.htm

There is much that can be said about Humanist ethics. But here are eleven main and succinct points proposed for your consideration.

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Horror movies and their impact on women in society

Horror movies and their impact on women in society

Why media portrayals of women matter.

a zombie apacolypse would be a medical emergency - not a military one

My son, who is 9, was told by a friend about Freddy Kruger. For those of you who never saw the movie, Freddy is the evil supernatural bad guy from the movie The Nightmare on Elm Street. My son, being 9, was rightly scared of this Freddy character. For several days he was scared to be alone in his bedroom since we have an Elm St in the neighborhood.

I told him he didn’t have to worry because a) Freddy wasn’t real and b) even if he was it wasn’t our Elm Street he haunted.  And when that didn’t work I told him that he didn’t need to worry because he wasn’t a scantily clad teenage girl having sex – as that is who Freddy liked to haunt and kill so my son clearly had/has nothing to worry about.

My son, immediately wanted to know why Freddy preferred scantily clad teenage girls having sex.  And this led to a lovely discussion about cultural norms around women’s sexual autonomy and horror movie cliches. (sigh)

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Dealing with Stress and Fear

Dealing with Stress and Fear

Is it harder to overcome fear without a belief in a higher power?

Fear is rarely rational


This morning’s listening is from The Motivation Manifesto, and it’s got me thinking. What are your thoughts?

"It is difficult to accept but no less true: If fear is winning in our lives, it is because we simply keep choosing over our other impulses to be strong or bold or great."

Is it harder to overcome fear without a belief in a higher power to "give it over to", or should it be easier, since all we’ve ever relied on are ourselves and the people around us, so we’ve already overcome plenty?

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Meditation as a Humanist Practice

Meditation as a Humanist Practice

Questions and answers about why Humanists meditate – from a Humanist perspective. As more and more Humanists take up meditation – I thought it would be helpful to discuss why and how I consider meditation to be a basic life skill.

What is Humansit Meditation

This post comes in the form of a Q&A from a reporter. I thought I would share my answers here.

I am 48 and practice meditation. I am also a Humanist – so I practice a non-woo form of meditation. I consider it an important part of my practice as a Humanist.

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Black Privilege/White Privilege?

Black Privilege/White Privilege?

Yes – we really do have a race problem. The numbers don’t lie.

The Hanna Channel – which is a right wing vlog – shared this graphic. 

Black privilege?

It makes the case that there is no such thing as white privilege, but that it’s actually blacks in America who are privileged because … way more whites are killed by blacks than blacks killed by whites and because there are way more whites are killed by cops than blacks killed by cops.

There’s just one problem. And that problem is that these are raw numbers. And as raw numbers, they are meaningless because … these raw numbers assume equal numbers of whites and blacks in America. But the number of whites and blacks isn’t equal.

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What is it like raising a gifted kid?

What is it like raising a gifted kid?

Gifted kids think differently and see the world differently and that difference is not measured on standardized tests!!

I have a highly gifted kid. He’s fun. I enjoy him. But school. It’s a bit of a problem. And that’s because while he scores in the 95% for things like math aptitude, he routinely scores in the 30% to 50% range on tests.  And it’s not because he gets the answers wrong. It’s because how he understands the problem is manifestly different from how normal people and the test designers understand the questions being asked so his correct answers are often marked wrong.

For instance – check out this test prep question.

array problem that stumps a gifted kid

It is a 3×4 array of blocks. You are asked to choose the division equation shown by the 3×4 array. The correct answer is obviously 12/3=4 

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Race Violence & Humanism

Race Violence and Humanists

To me, as a Humanist, if anything is sacred, it’s human rights

.I Can't Breath

The foundation of human rights is the recognition of the dignity and worth of other humans. Without respect for the individual, we don’t respect their rights as individuals.  This has become abundantly clear since the events of Ferguson MO.

I feel discouraged. Not just because it hurts to realize how much work we still have to do, but because we Humanists, don’t seem all that motivated to do the work.

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