Dealing with the Trump Bully

How Jeb Bush Should Handle the Bully that is Donald Trump.

At the recent GOP debate, Jeb Bush finally tried to stand up to
Donald Trump. Trump responded, as all bullies do, but insulting the person who
challenged him. Jeb’s response was polite, but his attempt at smiling made him
look like a school boy who had mustered up the courage to challenge his bully
and was doing his best to pretend that the insults didn’t bother him.

What should Jeb! Have done instead? Well, I actually teach how
to stop bullies and Jeb’s approach was a good start but incomplete. To put a
bully in their place and to get to them to stop, you have to remove the reward
they get for being rude. For Trump, you have to not let him gain status from
putting other people down.

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