6 Reasons

If you don't vote or vote republican Ralph Reed winsSix reasons not to vote for Republicans in November

Caution – this is a bit of a partisan rant. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1) They are anti-jobs. Not only have they voted against every job creation measure, they actually have proposed allowing big companies like GM to go under, which would have put hundreds of thousands of people out of work. They don’t simply don’t care about or don’t understand how important American workers are to our economy.

2) The spend like drunken sailors with stolen credit cards. They talk about fiscal discipline, but when they are in power, they use their power to make themselves and their cronies richer at the expense of everyone else. For instance, according to Republicans we don’t have money for health care, but we do have money to subsidize the oil industry and to give money to the health insurance companies.

3) They don’t engage in reality-based decision-making. I realize some of my disagreements with Republicans are simply a matter of policy differences. But too many Republicans reject any facts that don’t square with their accepted conservative dogma. We can’t solve our problems by hiding our heads in the sand. The first step is to acknowledge we have a problem. On everything from climate, to energy to health care to you name it, Republicans don’t believe we have a problem we need to solve. Or worse, that all we need to do to solve it is to give more money to the super wealthy.

4) Some of them are crazy. And when I say crazy I mean that they believe things that not only aren’t true, but that they also believe in conspiracies and that the end times are near. This isn’t simply a matter of charging up their apparently delusional base. Some of them are true believers and if you vote Republican in November, you are enabling this sort of insanity to gain more power in the halls of Congress.

5) They are planning to shut down government. The delusional base of the Republican party wants government shut down. Shutting down government is incredibly expensive. Plus, it would effectively put a halt to any progress we are making with our economy. If you think things are bad now, just see how bad they are when all the millions of government employees around the country loose their jobs.  Did I mention these folks are anti-jobs?  Well, they are. If you aren’t happy with Democrats because they haven’t done enough, think of how unhappy you will be when what has been done gets repealed or halted altogether.

6) The number one reason not to vote for Republicans in November is because the party is basically one big arm of the Fellowship – otherwise known as the Family.  Unless you want a radical theocratic cult of Christian power running our government, don’t vote Republican!  The crazy anti-abortion, pro-slavery, anti-science, pro-big business positions they take are directly related to their dominant theology, which comes from the Family. If you elect Republicans, you give more power to truly delusional people who are inherently anti-American because they are anti-democracy, pro-Christian oligarchy. These are folks that thought that Hitler basically had the right idea, he just allowed his ego to get in the way of the building of a Christian kingdom on earth, and no, I am not joking about that, this is what they really believe. Don’t vote for them!

We simply cannot afford to go backwards right now.  We need to invest in jobs, and help the private sector get back on it’s feet.  Republicans aren’t interested in that.  They are only interested in their preferred Christian oligarchy. They believe they are on a mission from God and crazy people like that should not be put in positions of power.

If we give more power to Republicans in the fall our economy will backslide and we might not get out of that backslide for a decade or more. We will have to deal with them wanting to repeal everything, including prohibitions on slavery.  Don’t vote Republican in Nov. For goodness sake!

Aren’t all that motivated to vote?  Do it anyway. If you don’t vote, then the insane minority of Americans win!  We can’t afford that!  Vote anyway and make sure that things don’t get worse. Don’t allow religious nuts to take over because you were too busy to vote.