Books you should read

Humanist Books You Should ReadBooks you should read

Everyday Humanism
By  Dale McGowan. Everyday Humanism seeks to move the discussion of humanism’s positive contributions to life away from the macro-level to focus on the everyday.

Some Reflections on Ethics
Wonderful book by Dr. Ramendra on ethics – easy to read, really thought provoking.

Positive Humanism: A Primer
Positive Humanism: A Primer By Bo Bennett. This is an academically oriented book. It is meant to be a sequel to Gerard Larue’s The Way of Positive Humanism . What is Positive Humanism? Is the focus of Humanism on all that is positive – how to live life better and be a better person and flourish – and a downplaying of the – what we are against approach that a lot of the modern Humanist movement seems to find itself stuck in. 

Jen Hancock’s Handy Humanism Handbook
This book is for the average human, regardless of his, her or ze name, who wants to learn more about Humanism.

Humanism as the Next Step
A brilliant down-to-earth guide to the Humanist philosophy. This is an older book, but still a classic.

The Philosophy of Humanism
Renowned philosopher and activist Corliss Lamont offers a vigorous argument for humanism and provides an affirmative, intelligent guidebook for shaping a better life in today’s complex world.

Humanism and Democratic Criticism
A book from famed Humanist Edward Said – focuses on the intersection of philosophic Humanism and the necessity of a humanities education that is global in nature.

The Humanist Approach to Happiness
This book will help you talk to your kids about why ethics are important and how to integrate ethics into their decision making.

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