• The Death

    Penalty: I am against this – it is a human rights abuse – it is unnecessary and cruel and they are better methodologies for dealing with violent

    crime – The problem is that these better methodologies don't fit into nice sounds bites and that is why so many politicians support the death

    penalty – it is a short cut to say they are tough on crime – however, if you ever hear a politician saying that -don't believe him – this is an

    expensive and ineffectual punishment – there are better more effective ways to spend money to prevent crime.

  • Religion in Society – I am a basically non-religous person – I do however, have very strong

    values. Half of my extended family is orthodox Jewish and the other is devout Catholic. I love all of the members of my extended family and I grew up

    learning that religion was a personal matter and that it did not matter what religion a person followed – just that they were a good and honest person.

    That being said – I am a firm supporter of the seperation of church and state. The fact that the state stays out of it has helped the USA become one of

    the most religious countries on the planet. I have concerns about our current president (Dubya) and this matter. He has apparently decided that his

    power comes from Jesus (not God – Jesus) and not from the people. I happen to think that the power of government comes directly from the people and that

    there is no higher political power then that.

  • Race – The United States has a problem – a big problem. Our US Supreme Court ruled back

    in 1987 that racial discrimination was inevitable and therefore, in a legal sense – ok. Since that time – the percentage of blacks involved with our

    legal system has skyrocketed to higher then pre-civil war levels. To further compound the problem – the Supreme Court has decided that they don't

    even want evidence of racial discrimination presented to them as evidence that civil or political rights have been abused. And… This situation will

    not get any better for quite some time as Dubya is likely to replace retiring justices with more close minded (oops I mean strict constructivist)

    judges. Until the make up of the Supreme Court changes – we are going to make very little progress in this area I am afraid. I am obviously appalled by

    this situation and… it is one of the main reasons I want to be president at the time I want to be president. I wan the opportunity to pick some more

    open minded and considerate justices that will hopefully overturn the current rulings and again start enforcing the civil rights laws again.

  • World Politics – I am a member of the World Federalist Association – I think that the time has come for a world government. The nation-state

    still has its place – but… it is akin to the status of the city-state or country-state. Commerce is global and one of the main functions of government

    is to help regulate commerce to the benefit of everyone (ie: make sure there is sufficient competion to spur growth – make sure wages don't drop too

    low, and make sure that things are kept safe and our environment and peoples protected.) Since commerce is global – and… we already have global bodies

    governing commerce – well… anyone who says that a world government is not needed has their head in the sand. It is needed as nation-states are

    inadequate to the task of governance on a global level. The International Criminal Court is a very important body – as will the UN be in the coming

    years. Can we as a country control it – sure – but… only if we participate.

  • Human Rights – the key to participating on the world

    stage these days is adherence to the principles of human rights. We pretty much authored the Declaration of Human Rights back in 1940 and we did a great

    job – we should enforce it… and that goes back to my paragraph on race. Hmmm… interesting how it all ties together.