Truly American

Jen Hancock is truly AmericanTruly American

Just in case anyone was wondering, I am an American. Proud of that fact actually, even if, at times, I don’t like what my government does. Anyway, I did some research, spurred on by my brother and father and found that in many ways, my family tree is perfectly American. On the one hand, my family has been here since before our country was even founded. On the other, I come from recent immigrant stock. So, my family lineage represents what makes America truly great. Everyone was an immigrant at some point and it doesn’t matter how long you have been here, just that you are here and have embraced our collective experiment called "America."

Oh – and that being said, I am a Mayflower descendant. Just thought you might want to know. Now, for my family who has asked for this – I am putting together all the history on the Shaw Family side of things. My mom has been doing the Forman side and as soon as she has that posted somewhere I will add that to this page.

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Big News

News and Milestones Reached


I have some news to share. First, I started a new Humanist blog:
Happiness Through
The purpose of this blog is to find a home for short little posts
about how Humanism can aid in becoming a happy person. Since this blog includes
political and pop culture posts I thought it might be helpful to have a Humanist
only blog. I will still be talking about Humanism here as it applies to a variety
of topics. The Happiness through Humanism blog is more like a blog version of
my podcast.

Other big news is that I am now the
Humanism and Freethought Examiner for Tampa
on This is something
I actually get paid for. Yay! In this capacity I will be writing about activities
and opportunities of concern to the Humanist and Freethought communities in
the Tampa region.

Finally, with regards to my
, I have now had over 10,000 site visitors and and over 13,000 downloads.
Again – yay me!

Whence Came Sumogirl




I occasionally get comments from newbies to my website asking why I call myself Sumogirl.  Do I weigh some

amazing amount?  Am I huge?  Into something kinky?  What is it?  The simple answer is that I like sumo wrestling, the sport. To set the

record straight – here is what I look like.  I am 5 ft 9 inches and won’t reveal my weight, but as one of my online fans pointed out, I am

“way too cute to be a Sumo.”  Clearly I am not morbidly obese.

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T-Shirt Success

Sumogirl TShirtT-Shirt Success

March 15 2007

I am in Miami right now at an adult only resort.  Quite

swank.  Nice place for a collection of foundations to put you up just to have you for a meeting at an office during the day.  Anyway, I wore

my Sumogirl shirt to the airport and have been wearing it

in the evening in my room after partaking of the resorts Hamam.

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Sumogirl’s Store

Store Open!


21 2007 

This is big for me – I have never done something like this before.  My husband thinks it will

be a big hit.  He thinks women everywhere will be wearing my line of clothing.  Yes, I now have a cafepress

account.  You can purchase Sumogirl clothing, mugs, bags, babywear, etc at

There are two options – the

basic aimed for the female audience – just the sumogirl logo and another  – bluish option – the “I Love

Sumogirl” version.

Who knows, it could be the underground kit of the fashion

world.  I guess we’ll know if some punkers show up somewhere with my shirt.

Oh, and if you want an item at cafepress with Sumogirl on it, and I don’t have it in my “Sumogirl’s

Store,” please let me know as I can put it together for you. 


Jen (aka Sumogirl)