Introduction to Humanism

The Happy Human - a symbol of HumanismIntroduction to Humanism


This program is designed to help clarify one of the most influential and consequently most maligned philosophies of our time.  It is a pet project I meant to complete when I worked with the Humanist organization, but never had the time.

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Chuck, the Bungee Jumping Spider of Doom

Chuck: The Bungee Jumping Spider of Doom

This video was done a few years ago to support a song I wrote and performed which became one of’s top 20 comedy tunes for 1999 – it was considered one of the oddest, most screwball songs on all of Anyway – I was much skinnier then. Oh, and this is very low tech. It is my first music video shot by my husband.

For more information, lyrics, sheet music and more up to date recording – visit the Chuck songwriting page