Clinton vs. Bush

Bush v ClintonBush and Clinton

Which is Worse?


I am continually shocked that there are people out there who think that Clinton, because he lied

about an extramarital affair is a worse president that Bush is.  Of course, the people who are making these claims never provide a side-by-side

comparison of the relative badness of Clinton v Bush.  So here is an incomplete comparison on which president was worse.

Clinton did lie about an extramarital affair.  However, he also presided over a great economy.    On the other hand, Bush

or members of his administration have:

  • Lied and obstructing justice in a treason investigation
  • Lied to get a country into war
  • Lied about the death of one of our soldiers
  • Illegally politicized the justice


  • Lied about illegally politicizing the justice department
  • Illegally wiretapped Americans
  • Lied about

    illegally wiretapping Americans

  • Illegally held people without trial
  • Lied about illegally holding people without


  • Committed and condoned criminal acts of torture (and yes, American law and international law forbids it)
  • Illegally

    kidnapped innocent people and illegally extradited them to secret locations to be tortured (which is itself a crime)

  • Have not abided by the

    secrecy laws governing the executive branch

  • And have hired an extralegal mercenary force to conduct operations our US Military is forbidden

    by law to do

It is important to keep in mind that this is not even a complete list!  Oh, and lets keep in mind

that while Clinton presided over an good economy with budget surpluses, Bush is presiding over what is about to become a major economic collapse due to his

out of control borrowing habits.

This actually is a no-brainer.  Clinton having an affair and lying about it doesn’t

affect me or anyone else; aside from his family and the woman he had an affair with. And last I checked, having an extra-marital affair isn’t even a

crime, although it is sufficient grounds for divorce.

Bush on the other hand has a much longer list of indiscretions that are not

only serious crimes, but are crimes that directly impact all Americans and our status as upholders of justice in the world.  Bush is clearly worse.

Much much worse.