Complaining About A Cup

Get a little perspective

1 guy posts a video about a cup and the internet goes berserk.  I think we need a little perspective.

photos of red cups - pointless

I’m not going to post the video. There is a preacher guy who creates crazy videos that are pretty insane in terms of his outrage over what he thinks is persecution of Christians. 1 guy!!!!

And suddenly the atheist community is outraged that 1 guy is upset over cups. Seriously. It’s one guy. But because he framed it in the “war against Christmas” he was seen to represent all Christians. But almost all Christians don’t care about the friggin cup. It was one guy, who was trolling atheists and we got trolled.

What has dominated my news feeds for the past 2 weeks is meme after meme about how time spent being upset over a cup would be better spent taking care of homeless vets or adopting kids or whatever. And that’s all fine and it’s a really good idea.

But … the people who created those memes aren’t spending their time feeding the homeless or adopting children. They are spending their time making memes!!!! To counter 1 guy who made a video.

We need to get a little perspective. There is no war on Christmas. Most Christians know there is no war on Christmas. They are as stunned by the fact any one would care about a red cup as the rest of us.

So atheists, stop acting like Christians be crazy when it’s one guy! That’s confirmation bias in action. Get a little perspective. If your life revolves around finding reasons to diss Christians to the point that when 1 guy is crazy you jump on it as an opportunity to show how crazy Christians are, you are part of the problem.

You spend weeks complaining that other people are spending so much time on a non-issue without realizing that you are the one spending all this time on a non-issue. If no one had responded to this guy, no one would have wasted any time on this issue. The hypocrisy – it burns!!!!

Perspective: This is a non-issue. Stop flogging this dead horse and start focusing on the things you say matter.  Feed the homeless. Take care of our vets. Adopt kids. Do good in the world. Don’t waste your time getting upset that a single crazy guy is upset over a cup!

Who is crazier? The guy who is upset over a cup? Or the people who lose their shit because one guy is upset about a cup?