Copperfield in Trouble

Copperfield Flying Away from TroubleDavid Copperfield’s Many Problems


Ok – I realize that there are more important things going on in the world.  Not only is the US prepping for war against Iran – as if we have enough military to do it, and California is in the grips of rather nasty Santa Ana fed fires (notice the plural).  But, I am writing about Copperfield because what we are being told doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

At this point, you should be aware that Copperfield has been accused of “forcing himself” on a woman while in the Bahamas, and that the FBI is investigating by issuing a search warrant for his warehouse in Vegas as well as the theater in which he performs in Vegas.   If you aren’t – read this article.

Anyway – many questions remain.  Why is the FBI investigating a sexual assault of some kind that occurred in the Bahamas?  Why did the woman wait until she was in Seattle to file a complaint?  What could Copperfield possibly have at his warehouse that would constitute proof of a sexual assault that occurred in the Bahamas?  The FBI took away a computer hard drive, and a memory chip from a digital camera (the story about them taking $2 million in cash is apparently false). If this case is about sexual assault, then the hard drive and the memory chip make sense. 

I don’t think anyone believes that Copperfield canceled his Asian tour because all of the promoters defaulted on their contracts.   He most likely was told not to leave the country by the FBI.

All of this is pretty weird right.  My husband thinks that the reason the FBI is involved is because Copperfield is a pedophile. Again, that is pure speculation, but it would explain things.   Sexual assaults are generally treated as local matters, although the FBI would get involved in the alleged perpetrated crossed state lines to engage in the crime.

Copperfield is claiming innocence and that this will all be cleared up. In fact, they say they don’t know who made the allegation and they don’t even know what was alleged.   They could be telling the truth.  But there is some further weirdness with Copperfield.

David Copperfield PosingLast February, his dad died from complications with Alzheimer’s.   That August, Copperfield bought an island (yes an entire island) in the Bahamas for $65 million. He claims it has the actual fountain of youth on it.   He was planning to build a luxury resort for rich people to go and partake of the waters.   Interesting idea and even if it was a scam; he could probably make a fortune.

OK – so he owns an island in the Bahamas that he has sealed off and made a resort for wealthy people.  He is accused of forcing himself on a woman while in the Bahamas and the FBI turns around and raids his warehouse and workplace in Vegas.  There is way more to this story then we are being told.  If the truth ever comes out about what they are investigating, my guess is that we will all be shocked.

It is entirely possible that Copperfield has developed some weird sexual proclivities, although we probably would have heard about them before this as he was involved with Claudia Schiffer for over 6 years, and she would have suspected something.

Regarding the Fountain of Youth thing.  Either he is prepping for a trick involving the fountain of youth – he is a master storyteller after all – or he is loosing his mind since the death of his father, or both. He was very very close to his father

If he is loosing his mind, then who knows what he has gotten himself into in the past year.   They guy probably has a really good knowledge of the occult considering the size and quality of his magic library.  He could also be spending time learning about the Obeah folk magic tradition of the Bahamas.

So now, the question is what was on the computer and memory card.   He is unlikely to have video taped a rape, but, if he was doing something weird with something to do with the occult, that is something he would have taken pictures of.

We shall just have to wait and see.