Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars

Wayne Newton dancing


I love this show!  And this is the best season yet.  I am sad to see Wayne Newton go, but he was a bit stiff in his dancing.  I hope he is the special guest tonight as he rocks!  I saw him in concert a couple of years ago and he is just so wonderful.

Anyway, here are my picks for the final three and who I really like, but am not sure will make it.

Sabrina dancingFavorites:

Sabrina:  She is amazing.  What a talented woman.  Her footwork is spot on and her acting ability is bonus and wow, she just turns in amazing performances every week.  This week she got the only perfect score of the season for her Paso Doble.  She should make it to the final.

Helio DancingHelio: He is so fun to watch and he has rhythm and wow, what a guy.  He is the best male dancer out there, without a doubt. Of course, he is Brazilian, so, of course he can dance

Women overview

There is a good possibility that Mel (Scary Spice) will get to the finals, but I just don’t connect emotionally with her dancing.  I understand she is technically very proficient, but I just don’t enjoy her dances all that much.

Jenny Garth Dancing Jenny Garth: I love watching her dance.  Perhaps it goes back to my love of BH 90210, but she just is a beautiful and classy woman and turns in a beautiful performance.  I would hope should can last longer then Mel, but the judges seem to prefer Mel.

Marie Osmond DancingMarie Osmond: That woman has such a great sense of humor, and her dancing is wonderful. Again, what a talented lady.  I love watching her dance, and isn’t that what it is all about?

Jane Seymour DancingJane Seymour:  The bond girl is still fabulously beautiful and she puts in wonderful and emotional performances, but… I just don’t like her as much as Marie and Jenny.


Men Overview:

There are only 4 men left.  Mark Cuban is probably going to be the next man to go.  He is fun to watch, but it is clear he isn’t that good of a dancer.  At least he is having fun.

The dancer after Mark to go will probably be Floyd Mayweather – the boxer.  He has a lot of power, but he just hasn’t given himself over to learning the discipline of dancing.  He wouldn’t even practice in dance shoes until this week and it showed in his dancing.  He is just a bit too cocky and young and I don’t think he has realized that you need to give up some of your street attitude to do ballroom.

Cameron dancing
Cameron Matheson is going to probably hang in there as most women think he is superman handsome and he has a great sense of humor and he is working hard at this and has a good attitude towards dancing.  He did a great paso doble this week, but that was his only truly really good dance.  He is not nearly as good as Helio, but then who is.

After all is said and done, it is Helio and Sabrina I want to see in the final

The effervescent Helio dancing