Doubt is a virtue

about Militias


Religious militias are once again a problem. This time a small
tight knit group came up with the stupendously stupid idea to kill a police
officer as a way to get lots of other officers together at a funeral so they
could kill lots of police at one go. What is stunning isn’t that some insane
person came up with such a boneheaded idea. What is stunning is that none of
his friends said – hey – maybe that isn’t such a good idea. Doubt and skepticism
are Humanist virtues for a reason. They keep us out of trouble.

We Humanists don’t really care what other people believe, unless
of course, those beliefs call for the killing or harming of our fellow humans.
Please – if you are listening to someone who is advocating violence. No matter
how rational their argument in favor of violence may seem. Do yourself a favor
and entertain a little doubt. Be a little skeptical of whether violence really
is the solution. You will thank yourself in the morning, I promise you.

Now, as for the fact this was a Christian militia. What part of
"thou shall not kill" did they not understand? Seriously. It isn’t
like that is one of the more obscure commandments. In fact, it is the only one
most people know. Right up there with not coveting your neighbor’s wife and
no lying. (sigh). If there’s one thing worse then a group of murderous yahoos
on a mission, it is murderous yahoos on a religious mission who clearly have
no idea what their chosen faith is really about and who ignore one of the basic
tenets of their faith.