53: EDUCATION: A proper education

is necessary for a democracy to function smoothly. People must have enough training to understand issues and to have some ability to discern between

competing claims. Additionally, children have a right to an education as the International Convention on the Rights of the Child requires, and so, it is

an appropriate role for government to pool the public resources and provide a free education to all the children of America. This education must be

secular in nature, and religious education should be kept as a private matter. We have enough experience to know that when government does not provide a

public education, religion will. Religious educations are by nature divisive to a society. The worst example of this is Pakistan. Turkey on the other

hand is a shining example of how a society can become peaceful just by instituting mandatory secular education. This is not a matter of not allowing

religious instruction. On the contrary, people must be free to practice their religion and that includes religious instruction. It is just that people

in society need to be taught and encouraged to see themselves as connected and as part of a greater whole if they are to transcend their differences.

The only venue for such instruction is a secular school since religious schools have a different agenda entirely, which is fine, we just need to make

sure that people are taught a shared larger society picture as well.