Fear, Equality and Freedom

Americans are not afraidFear, Equality and Freedom.

Humanists are real big on reason for a reason.  We don’t think making decisions out of fear or anger is a very good idea.  Usually, it is a good idea to wait until you are thinking rationally before you go making any plans. This is especially important when it comes to politics. And that is because; fear sells and politicians know it.  It is a well known fact that unscrupulous politicians, whose ideas are generally bankrupt, are willing to try and make you afraid of just about everything in order to get themselves elected.  Don’t let them make you afraid.  Think before you act and make sure that what you are afraid of is really real and worth being afraid of in the first place. And if you are afraid of anything on this list, stop. You have nothing to fear from freedom, equality and reason.

Speaking of equality, Justice Scalia recently told a group of students in San Francisco that the US Constitution does not ban sexual bias.  And this caused an outrage. The problem is that he is correct.  If he weren’t correct we wouldn’t still need to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, which would ban sexual discrimination and would require everyone to be treated equally before the law.  Until and unless ERA is passed, it is legal to discriminate based on gender.  It may not be a good idea, but it is legal and constitutionally permitted to do so. What is really annoying is that we have been trying to pass this darn Amendment since 1923.  We are still three state’s shy of ratification.  So… if you live in a state that hasn’t ratified it (find out here: http://www.equalrightsamendment.org/states.htm ), get busy and get on your legislators to pass this.  Enough is enough. No one should be treated as less equal because of their gender.

Finally, freedom. Specifically religious freedom. It is impossible to have religious freedom if you do not live in a secular state. And because most people do not know what secularism is, I thought I would provide a link to this excellent explanation – written in Britian, it is a Secular Manifesto. http://hassers.blogspot.com/2010/09/evan-harris-secularist-manifesto.html. But to summarize “Secularism is not atheism (lack of belief in God) and nor is it humanism (a nonreligious belief system). It is a political movement seeking specific policy end-points. Many secularists are religious and many religious people – recognizing the value of keeping government and religion separate – are secular.”