How to Get Along with Others

Rules for Getting Along

Getting along with others is hard.

Do you see the flaws in yourself - or are you only focused on the flaws of others?

They don’t agree with us. They have their own issues and concerns. And darn it, they don’t do what we need and want them to do.  So we get mad at them.

But perhaps Humanistic compassion can help us find a better way.

  • What if … we respect the right of the other person to be different?
  • What if … don’t try to reform them?
  • What if … we genuinely try to understand them for who they are instead of who we wanted them to be?

Would that make a difference?  I think it would.

There is a great article at Farnham Street blog on 11 simple rules for getting along with others  These rules were apparently presented in 1957 by David Packard (of Hewlett-Packard).   Here is the list:

1. Think first of the other fellow.
2. Build up the other person’s sense of importance.
3. Respect the other man’s personality rights.
4. Give sincere appreciation.
5. Eliminate the negative.
6. Avoid openly trying to reform people.
7. Try to understand the other person.
8. Check first impressions.
9. Take care with the little details.
10. Develop genuine interest in people.
11. Keep it up.

The full list goes into more detail on what exactly all these instructions mean – I recommend you click through and read the original article. (see: