Humanist Adoption

Humanist Adoption

Do Humanists adopt? Of course we do! And we make darned good parents too.

Who is your hero - humanist adoption

Full disclosure: My husband and I have not adopted a child. We haven’t had the economic resources to be able to afford to. But we’ve discussed it.  I have friends who have adopted children and this family has written about the experience here:

To me, adoption is an obligation of being human. If you have the resources to care for a child who lacks a family, you should. No child should be left without a home.

Parenting to me as a Humanist is a privilege. I don’t own my kid. I am his temporary steward. I do this job voluntarily. And not just because he came out of me, but because caring for other people, especially children, and helping them to learn the skills they need to become independent and their own stewards is the highest form of giving I can conceive of.  You are literally giving of yourself to benefit another human being.  It doesn’t really matter who the child is, if you are in a position to help them, you should. And giving yourself over to this task feels fabulous.

Parenting is hard work. It’s exhausting. It’s expensive. It’s a responsibility. But responsibility is what gives our life meaning and purpose. Caring for others is a good purpose to have.  When you are actively caring for someone else, in between those moments when you think you are losing your mind in frustration, you get the sense that you are doing this thing called life right.