Humanist & Atheist morality

What do you mean atheists have no morals?

My morals are the only thing keeping me from becoming a pastor and exploiting gullibility for profit.

My morals are the only thing keeping me from taking advantage of you

OK – I didn’t come up with this graphic, but I’ve definitely struggled with it.  And judging by how well this meme was received on Facebook – I’m not the only one.

Pretty much every atheist or humanist I know has considered starting a religion because there is a lot of money to be made in the religion business.

My most elaborate plan involved a cat.  We had a dilute torti mix cat with a beautiful coat. She wasn’t a very nice cat and we never were allowed to pet her. So as beautiful as her coat was, we never really got close enough to enjoy it. One day we were discussing how we were going to have to wait until she died to really examine her coat.

At which point we starting thing about how the image of almost anything could be in her coat, even the image of Jesus. At which point we both began plotting how to exploit her coat for money.  When she died, we could have her stuffed and charge money for people to see “jesus” in her fur.  It would be all the more attractive since my hubby and I are Humanists and therefore atheist.  Our spiel would be that we say Jesus in her fur and converted. We would make a ton!

We of course realized that we would eventually have to come clean that it had all been a joke. But we both quickly realized that our morals would not allow us to lie like that to make money off of gullible people.  

If that isn’t proof that atheists have morals – nothing is.

So, my fellow humanists, please share a money making scheme you have considered and decided against because your morals prevented you from doing it.