I Love Flippycat

I Love FlippyCat


I love this guy.  What an artist – and yeah, I realize he is working in colored dominoes.  Still, very, very cool.  I love the cat too.

I found him while using my Wii to Internet surf – and yeah, it is super cool that you can watch youtube via the Wii on your big TV.

Ni Hao, Kai LInOther cool things I have decided are Ni Hao, Kai Lin, a new nick jr show.  My 2 ½ year old son likes it too.  And when I say he likes it, he has watched the opening episode 8 times in the last 2 days already.  I think it is because they have those cheesy hello kitty style characters. 

Who knew my son who is Star Wars obsessed would like Hello Kitty style characters.  Still, the 2nd language in the show is Mandarin and as I speak a little Mandarin, well, I like it.  (In case you were wondering, I learned Mandarin while in China.  I studied at East China Normal University in Shanghai.)  I was even in a movie while I was there.  The wrap party was super cool.  They had Chinese opera singers perform, then they wanted one of us to perform and everyone in my group looked at me, so I sang Jingle Bells and the place went nuts.  True story.   Anyway, I was so taken by this character; I decided to make a Kai Lin Mii out of her.  She came out pretty good, but I am only a so so Mii maker.

Lego Star Wars for Wii Rocks! Speaking of which, I just bought Zack and Wiki for my Wii.  Apparently the monkey in it is pretty Hello Kitty like too, but I bought it for the reviews. My son picked out Lego Star Wars saga – which totally rocks!  I also got Endless Ocean, which looks cool. I figure if the G4 folk gave it a good review, basically saying that they got sucked in for 4 plus hours without even noticing, well, it is probably pretty fun.  I have played a little star wars and my son really enjoyed pretend playing along. 

And before you fret about my son’s well being, the top card in my wallet is our local museum membership.  That is how often we go.  He has just been a little sick recently and I haven’t wanted to get him around other people.  I wasn’t really planning to buy any games until I finished revising my book (which I should have major revisions done by the end of March), but I decided to trade a few games I don’t play anymore in, and well, that’s why I have a couple of new games.

Other good news is that I am finally getting my fence.  I was told that it would be installed by the weekend.  I am so excited!