Intentionally Ignorant

Humanist Thought of the Week: Feb 19 2008

Intentionally Ignorant

Millions of people in America today are intentionally ignorant.

These are the people who had the opportunity to become educated, but decided to stick their heads in the sand instead.

The most annoying thing about the intentionally ignorant is that they want everyone else to be ignorant to.

This is why they lobby so hard to prevent our children from learning things they don’t understand, like science.

After all, if everyone is as ignorant as you are, you don’t look so foolish.

The big problem, as every humanist knows, is that ignorance isn’t actually bliss.

Ignorant people have a really hard time solving their problems.

Proper problem solving is predicated on a good understanding of the root causes of our problems. 

And that requires a quality reality-based education.

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