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Ok – yes, I Google myself – and here is what I have found.

An essay I wrote for “The Humanist” about why Humanists should embrace Charter Schools.

An interview that was done with me about my high-risk pregnancy and how my Humanism impacted my approach to the pregnancy.

Plus an interview I did for Mom’s Night Out – a new podcast.

There are also links to articles I have posted on various websites:

Here is a link to my articles at OpEdNews.

And my articles at  There are several articles about Humanism there, but I am most pleased that my dating advice was considered the best of the bunch as that is directly related to the book I am currently working on.  (It tells me that I am on the right track).

Lets not forget the press statement I wrote when working for the Humanists of Florida about Rev Kennedy.

And finally an essay I wrote for – on just being a Humanist.