McCain in Wierdland

Voodoo Economics is to blame for the economic crisisWeird Ideas


This has been a really weird week, especially given the bizarre claims being made by McCain and his followers.  Right now, they are saying that the economic mess that has been building since Reagan was in office is somehow Obama’s fault. Not the democrats fault, but Obama personally.  Bizarre. 

McCain has been in office for over 25 years, and has endorsed trickle down, and deregulation as part of the Republican’s voodoo economic philosophy.  His campaign is staff by the actual lobbyists who wrote the bills that deregulated the financial industry.  McCain’s campaign staff/lobbyists wrote the specific bills that have directly led to the mortgage crisis and the subsequent economic meltdown.  And yet, they claim they aren’t responsible for the effects of deregulation they championed.  According to them, a freshman senator who wasn’t even in office when these bills were approved by a Republican congress is to blame.  Apparently, one of the guys who ran one of the companies, which have failed, talked to someone on Obama’s campaign (not Obama, just someone on his campaign) about issues unrelated to the mortgage crisis.  In McCain’s alternate reality, this makes Obama culpable for a quarter century of bad economic policies.  Seriously.  That is what McCain is now claiming.  His statement yesterday was a truly surreal thing to watch.

What they are really trying to do is paint Obama as being exactly the same as McCain so that the public won’t be able to hold McCain and his cronies responsible for what has happened.  To add weirdness to this whole train of non-logic, McCain has demanded that Obama should take responsibility for causing the financial crisis the McCain and the Republicans are wholly responsible for.  All I can figure is that the Republicans believe that Americans are really stupid.  It is actually insulting.

McCainites will apparently believe anythingAs for McCainites, they are off in wierdland.  So, apparently the Republican assessment of their bases inability to discern truth from fiction is correct. Yesterday I read a blog post which stated that this whole economic meltdown thing is a Democratic conspiracy to help them win the election.  Seriously, someone actually thinks that.

Today, someone in my paper wrote that we don’t need health care, we need legal care.  According to this person, you are more likely to be sued then to have a serious medical problem.  So, the government should provide free legal care just like Obama is planning to provide free medical care, except that Obama isn’t planning to provide free medical care.  And what is up with the whole, people are more likely to be sued thing?  Only a person who is sued a lot would think that.  The rest of us go through life without ever needing a lawyer.  I have only used one once.  I needed help with a music-licensing contract (I sold a song).  I am 42 and have never been sued, but I have definitely needed medical care.  So, yes, whoever this person was, they have no idea how the rest of us live, but clearly, they have problems with ethics otherwise they wouldn’t have a problem with being sued.

Another person wrote in the paper today that they are voting for McCain because unlike Obama, McCain knows how to threaten other countries.  Yes, this is why they are voting for him.  They want America to be respected again and that means we need other countries to fear us.  Umm, yeah, except fear does not equal respect. Further, we are in the middle of an economic crisis and we really need our dollar to stay strong.  Having the rest of the world fear us is not a good way to get other countries to invest in the dollar.  Having sound economic policies would be a good start.  McCain was in denial there was even a problem until Monday afternoon.

Finally another McCainite was talking about how Obama will create more national programs run by incompetent people.  Now, just because the Republicans can’t seem to get government right doesn’t mean that the Democrats can’t either.  Most of our governmental programs ran just fine before Bush. The real problem with privatization though is that it rarely saves us money.  Usually, privatizing something the government should and can do costs us more and we get less control and so, less oversight and less quality control. The military is a case in point.  I do not for a moment believe that Blackwater can do the job better then our own military, yet, they costs 3 times as much and take tax payer money away from the support of our own troops.  Not good.  So don’t be fooled by the Republican call for more privatization.  We have already gotten to the point that we have privatized things that were more efficiently and cheaply run by the government.  This is all part of the voodoo economic philosophy that the Republicans have been pushing for years and clearly, it doesn’t work.  Just like giving tax breaks to the wealthy does not actually help us workers.

We are not as stupid as the Republicans think.  We know that someone who has been there for only a couple of years could not be culpable for a problem started when the other guy took office. We understand that we can’t wish away our economic problems just by spouting off optimistic sounding catch phrases.  We need a leader who actually knows how to think and get good advice.  But most importantly, we need a leader who is firmly tied to reality.  McCain and his followers clearly aren’t. 

So here are my final thoughts.

McCain is still lying.  It is time we abandon the voodoo economic policies of the Republicans.  And as for Sarah Palin, it is really hard for us to believe you will bring change to Washington when you are just like Bush.