Of Pride and Karma

Humanist Thought of the Week: 7 29 2008

Of Pride and Karma

I don’t actually believe in Karma … but…

This weekend, I was at an airport discussing with a total stranger at baggage claim how smart I was to have a red bag with brown elephants on it.

I chose this bag because it is easy to spot at baggage claim and unlikely to be accidentally taken by someone else.

Just when I was pointing out my bag to make my point,

another woman took my bag off the carousel!

Turns out she has the exact same bag I do.

What are the odds of that happening?

Not high unless Karma is in effect. 

Once I started bragging about how smart I was to choose my bag to prevent this very thing from happening, the odds probably went sky high that it would.

Lesson of the day?

With or without karma – prideful arrogance is foolish.

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