Humanist Thought of the Week: 6 1 2010

Don’t Mistake Pessimism for Wisdom

I say this because I have just been reading some Kahlil Gibran.

People consider his poetry and parables to be really deep.

I think he’s just pessimistic.

As long as you don’t read too much of him you might not notice.

It isn’t that I am not aware of human sorrow.

It is just that, as a Humanist, I don’t think that celebrating sorrow is all that noble.

 I also don’t think that being responsible to the people I love is a form of slavery.

Relationships aren’t a burden. 

We need them to help us enjoy and find meaning in life.

For me, real wisdom comes when you allow yourself to replace sorrow with joy.

Pessimism prevents you from doing that.

Don’t mistake pessimism for wisdom.

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