Humanist Thought of the Week: Oct 30 2007

Please Think Responsibly About Suicide

I was originally going to talk about personal responsibility when it comes to romantic relationships today. 

Unfortunately, I find that I need to talk about suicide instead.

Over the weekend, someone in my county committed suicide by train.

I didn’t know this person, but their death was horrific and involved several hundred people. 

Trains were delayed and diverted across the state as police took several hours to investigate and clean up the crash site. 

Luckily, no one else was injured physically, though the guilt and emotional trauma for many will be severe and last a lifetime.

If you ever feel like you need to commit suicide, don’t.  Get help immediately.

Wherever you live, you can get help for free.

 If you really are planning to go through with it, please …just  think responsibly.

If you really must kill yourself, at least do so in a way that doesn’t involve others. 

Suicide by train is just selfish and mean.