Doubt is a virtue

about Militias


Religious militias are once again a problem. This time a small
tight knit group came up with the stupendously stupid idea to kill a police
officer as a way to get lots of other officers together at a funeral so they
could kill lots of police at one go. What is stunning isn’t that some insane
person came up with such a boneheaded idea. What is stunning is that none of
his friends said – hey – maybe that isn’t such a good idea. Doubt and skepticism
are Humanist virtues for a reason. They keep us out of trouble.

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Why do people hate so much?

Humanist Thought of the Week: Dec 8 2009

Why do people hate so much?

It’s been a depressing couple of weeks.

It seems like all I keep coming across are articles and pundits blaming atheists and Humanists for everything that is wrong with the world.

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