Humanism doesn’t cost much

Religions are businesses

Humanism doesn’t cost much

I received a link the other day from about the wealth of churches. It’s about the business of religion and covers some of the wealthiest religions, where they get their money from and what they spend it on.

Not surprisingly, the big dog religion financially is the Catholic Church. They are apparently worth hundreds of billions and their fortune apparently mostly came from priceless works of art that, were probably plundered (I mean saved) during the World Wars.  They apparently have apparently spent 1/2 billion in the USA alone to pay off abuse victims.

Compare this with the America Humanist Association, whose annual budget is about $2 million. According to the 2010 annual report, they spend almost all of that on programs with over a million going to public awareness campaigns.  They don’t appear to spend any money on pay off abuse victims.

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Paul Kurtz is rebranding his philosophy - yet againNeo-Humanism?


So Paul Kurtz – not my favorite guy – has issued a Neo-Humanist statement.  It’s typical Paul – rather verbose with lots of words that are difficult to pronounce.  He is after all the guy that coined the term eupraxophy and expected everyone to embrace it and start using it in daily speech.  But my overall gut reaction to his statement is that he must be pissed off about the success of the New Humanist movement as envisioned by Greg Epstein at Harvard. 

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