Humanist & Atheist morality

What do you mean atheists have no morals?

My morals are the only thing keeping me from becoming a pastor and exploiting gullibility for profit.

My morals are the only thing keeping me from taking advantage of you

OK – I didn’t come up with this graphic, but I’ve definitely struggled with it.  And judging by how well this meme was received on Facebook – I’m not the only one.

Pretty much every atheist or humanist I know has considered starting a religion because there is a lot of money to be made in the religion business.

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How to Get Along with Others

Rules for Getting Along

Getting along with others is hard.

Do you see the flaws in yourself - or are you only focused on the flaws of others?

They don’t agree with us. They have their own issues and concerns. And darn it, they don’t do what we need and want them to do.  So we get mad at them.

But perhaps Humanistic compassion can help us find a better way.

  • What if … we respect the right of the other person to be different?
  • What if … don’t try to reform them?
  • What if … we genuinely try to understand them for who they are instead of who we wanted them to be?

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Nationalism is always a problem

Nationalism is always a problem

Why rampant nationalism should worry us all.


In order to consider this topic, we must first define what nationalism is. Nationalism is the belief or creed of an individual who identifies with their nationality. It is a sense of identity that is tied to a nation or group of people.

The reason this is a problem is because when your sense of identity is tied to a nation, then you are moved to defend that nation as you would defend yourself. An attack on the nation is an attack on you.

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Mental Health and Social Responsibility

Mental Health and Social Responsibility

We need to normalize mental health care by recognizing that we all are vulnerable and we all need help from time to time.

Don’t set your boundaries up so high that you lose your connection to others.

Your Morals Blog had an essay titled “How to Prevent Mental Illness: Help others with their stressful life events” (see essay here: It was written by Ravi Iyer.

In the essay Iyer’s talks about myths about mental health and how and why we might help people who are suffering and why society might benefit and how we might benefit as well.

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