Mark Sanford is too erratic to be President

Mark Sanford is not responsible enough to be president of the united statesKeep
it in Your Pants


So… Mark Sanford. Up until last week, he had presidential aspirations.
That was up until his affair went public. I have to say, I like Sanford’s wife.
She isn’t standing by him. In fact, what apparently led to his disappearance
was that she had kicked him out over this affair. Good for her. But back to
Sanford and his aspirations. He should have thought before he acted. If you
want to be president, then don’t have an affair. It’s gonna come out. I guess
he just didn’t want it badly enough. After all, it isn’t that hard to not have
an affair. You just have to think before you act and decide not to do stupid
things that are going to ruin your long term plans. Ahhhh, but apparently he
is really in love with this woman. His emails to her are very romantic. Not
at all like Prince Charle’s phone calls to Camilla or whatever Spitzer talked
about with his high power prostitute. On the plus side, he is in love with a
woman, which means his GOP base may forgive him even if his wife can’t. Lesson
for the day, if you want to be president keep it in your pants and think about
the consequences of your actions before you act. If you are incapable of thinking
before you act and acting responsibly even when under duress, then you are not
qualified to be president.

Bachmann, Boehner Overtime

Bachmann and Boehner - what a lovely pair of nutbag and boozerBachmann, Boehner Overtime


Musings on current politics:  So Michelle Bachmann has called for armed insurrection against our democratically elected government. Pretty sure that is treasonous.  However, I don’t like the idea of tamping down on anyone’s free speech.  The problem is that her base is just as nutty as she is and the likelihood that they do indeed have arms they can raise is scary.    So, as of this moment, her nuttiness isn’t amusing anymore.  She is potentially encouraging real nutbags to violence against their fellow citizens.  Not good.  As for Representative John Boehner, is it just me? Or does he look like an early stage rummy?  Seriously, every time I see him speak, I think he must be drunk.  He just seems like the sort of guy who takes a 3-martini lunch and then goes back to work and thinks no one can tell.  Why they allow him to speak to the press in such a state is beyond me.  But if he has big boss aspirations, it would certainly explain why no one was able to stop him from holding a big press conference to unveil the republican’s non-budget budget. If Bachmann and Boehner are really the main voices of the Republican party, the GOP is in big trouble.  Can someone tell them their 15 minutes are up already?

Comments on the NH recount

Deibold may have stolen another electionComments on the NH recount


Ok – I have been reading a bunch of comments on a variety of website by people who don’t think the recount is necessary.  The vote is what it is and the surveys just got it wrong.  Here is the problem with that sort of shallow thinking.

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Health Insurance Blues

Our Health Care System is SickGrumbling about Health Insurance


I haven’t yet seen Sicko, but I have heard about it from friends and some of the basic information about how insurance company employees just sit around looking for reasons to deny or add extra costs for stupid things is absolutely true.  Everyone who has private insurance knows this from first hand experience.  Everyone!

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Bush Family Election Fraud

election fraudBush Election Fraud


Did you know that since exit polls began in the 1960’s, there have only been 7 incidents where the exit polls did not match the final election results, and 6 of those involved a Bush?  All involved a republican and all have occurred since 1992.

Election polls are surprisingly accurate and the state department is right when it says that they are one of the only ways to know when election fraud has occurred.

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