Commentary: Draw Muhammad Day

violent Muslims are bulliesCommentary: Draw Muhammad Day

May 21, 2010

I wrote an article for about this protest – and it has drawn a lot of comments.  But there is one in particular I think needs to be addressed, mostly because it has invaded the free speech community as well. And that is the idea that what needed to be said could have been said in a less offensive way. It’s a very common sentiment.  The answer to the question – couldn’t this be done in a less offensive way?  is – no it couldn’t! Here’s why.

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Swing and Ferb

West Coast Swing Rocks!West Coast Swing

and Best Show on Disney


Ok, so I watch dancing with the stars, and this week, they added some club dances to the mix, and had 2 stars each do the west coast swing, the hustle, the salsa and the jitterbug.  The pros had problems because these aren’t dances they normally teach because by definition, they are club dances, not choreographed dances. I had problems because I hate to see club dances ruined through choreography.

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Wall-E is Wonderful

Wall-E is a wonderful love storyWall-E is Wonderful


My son, who is currently 2 ½, is robot obsessed.  He really likes droids.  Mostly from Star Wars, but basically, any robot/droid will do.   So, ever since he saw a picture of Wall-E, he has wanted to see the movie.  He has been talking about wanting to meet Wall-E the trash droid all week.  So, we took him to the movie theater yesterday (opening night) and saw it.  What a great movie!

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Chuck, the Bungee Jumping Spider of Doom

Chuck: The Bungee Jumping Spider of Doom

This video was done a few years ago to support a song I wrote and performed which became one of’s top 20 comedy tunes for 1999 – it was considered one of the oddest, most screwball songs on all of Anyway – I was much skinnier then. Oh, and this is very low tech. It is my first music video shot by my husband.

For more information, lyrics, sheet music and more up to date recording – visit the Chuck songwriting page