Compassionate Conflict Resolution

Compassionate Conflict Resolution

In the world of business conflict is inevitable. How we resolve these conflicts determines our success. Most of the problems we encounter in life involve conflicts with other people. Here are 4 ways to approach conflict resolution compassionately.

it takes strength of character to admit when you are wrong

Knowing how to effectively, professionally and compassionately resolve conflicts is an essential life skill. While it is obviously better to not have these conflicts escalate to the point where mediation is needed, that isn’t always realistic. Here is the advice I give to people dealing with conflicts and disagreements.

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Mansplaining Explained

Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.netMansplaining Explained

I came across a new word today. Mansplaining. It’s a word that was coined to describe men who lecture women on things the woman already knows.  Sure, we used to just call that sort of behavior condescending. But apparently now, it’s called mansplaining, especially when the subject being discussed is how sexist attitudes affect women in particular. A man engaged in mansplaining is a mansplainer.

Now, in the post on facebook upon which I was introduced to this topic, the woman accusing one of her male friends of mansplaining provided a really nice graphic explaining mansplaining.  Here is a link: )


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