Dr Who is Brilliant

Dr Who does the Titanic - sort ofBrilliant!


As the good doctor would say – Brilliant!  Just watched the season opener for Dr Who on BBC America – and yes – I love my DVR.  Anyway – they did a Dr Who meets Poseidon Adventure (the original movie) meets the Titanic.  It was brilliant!  It will be interesting to see who becomes his new assistant.  The promising young pretty girl in this episode died – sort of.  It is probably more accurate to say she became some blue sparkly floaty stuff flying around space.  We could see more off her, but then again, probably not.

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Mifune in Stray Dog

Poster for Akira Kurasawa's Stray DogStray Dog


My husband and I have been renting Akira Kurasawa films.  Sort of as a retrospective for me (as I have seen them all before) and as a new education for my husband (who is just learning about Kurasawa’s work).  The latest film we rented was Stray Dog.  The cool thing about renting these films is that while I have seen them, I don’t remember them exactly, so it is cool to rewatch them.  Stray Dog is wonderful!  WONDERFUL! 

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The Muse of Capt Jack

John Barrowman - Another SideThe Muse of Capt Jack


OK – so it turns out that the super hot gay actor who plays Capt Jack on the Dr Who and Torchwood BBC series is also a stage actor well versed in musical theater.  And, he can sing!  He has several albums, the latest is “Another Side.”  It is an album of covers of love songs.  Really quite sappy.  And when I say sappy, I mean Lawrence Welk sappy.  Lots of violins, soft sappy vocals and heartfelt lyrics.  Despite all that, it is a really good album.

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Is Watson a Racist?

James WatsonIs Watson Wrong?

And more to the point, is he a racist?


I don’t think so.  It took me a while to track down the actual first article that led to this furor.  It is a little frustrating that the main contentious quote technically stands alone, so we have to take the writer’s word for it that the antecedent of the anaphor “this” actually is what she claims it to be. 

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