In Defense of Atheist Men

Are Atheists Sexist?In Defense of Atheist Men

There seems to be a growing number of young women in the atheist movement who have been accusing the men of our movement of rampant sexism. The latest target of these feminists is none other then Richard Dawkins, because he wrote a post that basically said what I tend to think, which is that I don’t think these new feminist really know what sexism is. The stuff they bring up, as evidence of sexism, doesn’t seem to me to qualify. Boorish and insensitive behavior on the part of men maybe, but sexism? Not really.

As we are discussing sexism – let’s start with a definition. According to Meriam Webster’s online dictionary (see:  – sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on sex. Or it’s behavior, conditions or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.

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Child Abuse Victim Consider’s Suicide

Child Abuse Kills ChildrenAbused Teen Consider’s Suicide


This is from a Dear Abby article posted Saturday Nov 22nd.  It is the 2nd article about the kid writing about his friend JD who is considering suicide because his father abuses him. I decided to write about this because I had friends in high school whose situation was very similar to this.

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