In Defense of Atheist Men

Are Atheists Sexist?In Defense of Atheist Men

There seems to be a growing number of young women in the atheist movement who have been accusing the men of our movement of rampant sexism. The latest target of these feminists is none other then Richard Dawkins, because he wrote a post that basically said what I tend to think, which is that I don’t think these new feminist really know what sexism is. The stuff they bring up, as evidence of sexism, doesn’t seem to me to qualify. Boorish and insensitive behavior on the part of men maybe, but sexism? Not really.

As we are discussing sexism – let’s start with a definition. According to Meriam Webster’s online dictionary (see:  – sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on sex. Or it’s behavior, conditions or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.

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Obama at Notre Dame

Obama and the Notre Dame ControversyObama
and the Notre Dame controversy


Ok, I admit it, I didn’t listen to the speech and I haven’t read
any transcripts. I am simply not that interested and have other things to do,
like laundry. But I am amazed that anyone cares about this story/controversy.
I suppose I understand, what with 25% of the American population is Catholic
and with the speaker being, you know, the President and all. But normally internal
disputes amongst the Catholics don’t gain national attention. And this time
only about 10% of the Bishops are upset. A small number when you think about
it. What I think is going on is that the rest of the Christian population, even
though they haven’t formally acknowledge the authority of the Catholic Church
for at least 300 years, still treat the Catholic Church as if they have some
residual authority. Kind of like children that have grown up and left their
parents home still defer to their parents even though it is not required. Except
these children, Christians, had sometimes violent disputes with their parent,
Catholic Church. I guess no matter how far we stray, some kids just can’t shake
off the yolk of arbitrary authority.