Proselytizing vs. Witnessing

What is HumanismWitnessing vs. Proselytizing

There is a lot of discussion within the larger freethought/skeptic/atheist/humanist community about approach. How do we approach and deal with people who disagree with us about something as fundamental as our basic worldview without denying our own viewpoint.

What I hear from people who want to do Freethought or Humanist outreach, but who don’t want to compromise their non-belief is how to talk to people of faith to help them understand our approach without pissing them off. Granted, there are some in our movement who are happy to piss people off, but those of us who want to be understood, understand pissing people off isn’t conducive to real dialog.

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What can be done about School Bus Bullies

What can be done about school bus bullies?Understanding the School Bus Bullies

and how to prevent their recurrence

Like almost everyone, I was horrified by the video of a school bus monitor in NY enduring 10 plus minutes of harassment. However, unlike everyone else, I was actually watching it with a technical eye. You see, I am the author of a book called The Bully Vaccine, which takes an operant conditioning approach to ending bullying.  The contents of the video show two things.  One, what not to do when bullied. And two, school districts need to do a much better job of training their employees on how to handle problems.

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