Independence of Mind Isn’t Enough

Independence of Mind

Freethought, the independence of mind, is central to the quest for peace, but it isn’t enough.

The world needs Humanists and our Perspective

At the end of World War II, artists and intellectuals joined with French dramatist Romain Rolland to declare an independence of mind. Its purpose was to encourage artists to declare independence from the states that used their art for propaganda to promote war, hate and divisiveness.

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Mentally Ill Humanists

Mental Illness among Humanists?Mentally Ill Humanists

So, it turns out that Clay Duke, the guy who held a school board hostage in Panama City claimed he was a Humanist on his website.  That he may have been a Humanist obviously had nothing to do with why he held people hostage at gunpoint. The fact that he was bipolar however did. Doesn’t matter, the anti-Humanist folk are using this incident to say basically “see – we told you they were dangerous.”

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We are a Secular Nation

The US ConstitutionThe US is a Secular Democracy

Ok – so, if you weren’t aware of it, there a people who consider themselves to be Christian soldiers in America who are fighting a religious war against secularism.  Whenever you hear someone say – America is a Christian Nation and that our nation is under attack, you are listening to someone who either views themselves as a Christian warrior, or is influenced by this form of paranoid Christianity.

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Hold BP Responsible

and corporate responsibility

Humanists believe in personal responsibility. Realizing that you
need to think before you act because anything and everything you do has consequences
and you should therefore take care to make sure those consequences are good
is a central tenet of the philosophy. Obviously, some behaviors and actions
are more risky then others. But from the Humanist perspective, if you aren’t
willing to pay the price of the consequences of your risky behavior, you should
not engage in it. If you do, then you own it. In other words, if you break it,
you should fix it.

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Rock Throwing Youth

Don't throw rocks at men with guns - it is a stupid thing to doAttention Youth of the World


Don’t throw rocks at men with guns and don’t hang out with people who throw rocks at men with guns.  It is a stupid thing to do that will get you shot.  A case in point is what just happened in Athens.  Some kids were throwing rocks at 2 men with guns (police) and when the men with guns couldn’t convince the kids to stop (the kids resisted arrest by continuing to throw rocks), the men shot into the group and killed one of the kids.  Not to surprising.  I am not saying the actions of the officer are ok, I am just saying if you throw rocks at men with guns, you kind of need to expect them to shoot back at you.  So DON”T THROW ROCKS AT MEN WITH GUNS!

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