What should we do about Syria?

How should a Humanist Respond to the Syria Conflict?

Since Humanism is about ethics and responsibility and compassion, what is the proper Humanist response to the current crisis?

I received the following question from a fan:

I’m wondering how you, as a Humanist, would respond to Syria’s use of chemical weapons and to the idea of a military response by the USA (and/or other nations). – LP

My answer:

Well, not surprisingly, it turns out we Humanists are fairly divided over this issue. That isn’t unusual. We are divided over a lot of things.

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GOP Candidate Round Up

My take on the GOP Presidential Candidates

The 2012 GOP Candidates

I realize no one asked for my opinion. I’m a democrat and I don’t like any of the candidates running for the GOP nomination and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to vote for any of them for president.  Still, I have an opinion and I feel compelled to share it. That’s what blogs are for. You’ve been warned.

Here is my gut level response about what these candidates are about. What I like, don’t like and perhaps think is funny about them.  I will then take the three front runners and run them through my 4 score test (which is my theory that the candidate that is perceived to be most honest, hard working, compassionate & rugged individual wins the election.)

Anyway – let’s start with gut level reactions.

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Pyramids! A book for Humanist kids

Book Review: Pyramids!

Ok – so I don’t normally do book reviews, but… this is a good book.  Pyramids! By Avery Hart and Paul Mantell is an activity book for children. The activities are really cool and fun to do. But the reason I wanted to write about it is because; some of the activities are philosophical in nature. Not only that, but they are most definitely Humanistic in Nature. On almost every page, there is an activity titled: Think About it. Right off the bat a book that focuses on making children think about differences is pretty cool. But what it asks kids to think about is what makes this book special.

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