Women’s Health Care and Religion

The Catholic Church doesn't have the right to interfere with women's healthWomen’s Health Care and Religion

The big topic of debate right now is whether religious organizations should be allowed to not provide women with a full spectrum of health care coverage because their religious beliefs prohibit certain types of health care, specifically reproductive health care.

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Meditating on the National Day of Prayer

National Day or Prayer is forced theocracy

Meditating on the National Day of Prayer

So the National Day of Prayer came and went and once again I didn’t participate. I suspect most people didn’t. In my county only 175 people showed up to the event.  That’s out of over 300,000 people. That basically means that a whopping 99.94% of the residents of my county, in the south otherwise known as the Bible Belt, had better things to do with their time then pray for our country, even though our government specifically and officially asked us to pray.

I suspect, that most people, like me, don’t see the point of the National Day of Prayer and willfully ignore our government’s request. They either: pray all the time and don’t need a special day set-aside for it, or they don’t think the government needs praying for or they don’t pray at all, like me.

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If you want to cut the budget, start with the faith based programs!

World Vision receives $344 million tax dollars every yearEnd taxpayer support for churches

When the founding fathers started to disestablish the state run churches, the first thing they did was abolish taxpayer support for them. Sure, there were those who argued that instead of giving tax money to one church, we should fund all of them equally. But that idea was quickly squelched. After all, if we don’t want our taxes used to fund one church, why on earth would we want to fund hundreds of them?

And yet, that is exactly what we are doing. Through the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships the US Government is giving out an estimated $60 billion dollars worth of taxpayer money to churches.  And yes, that is billion with a B.

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Fear, Equality and Freedom

Americans are not afraidFear, Equality and Freedom.

Humanists are real big on reason for a reason.  We don’t think making decisions out of fear or anger is a very good idea.  Usually, it is a good idea to wait until you are thinking rationally before you go making any plans. This is especially important when it comes to politics. And that is because; fear sells and politicians know it.  It is a well known fact that unscrupulous politicians, whose ideas are generally bankrupt, are willing to try and make you afraid of just about everything in order to get themselves elected.  Don’t let them make you afraid.  Think before you act and make sure that what you are afraid of is really real and worth being afraid of in the first place. And if you are afraid of anything on this list, stop. You have nothing to fear from freedom, equality and reason.

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Why Is It Always Fox?

Fox News Viewers believe some wacky thingsWhy is it Always Fox


So, during the current health care debate – I was asked why I assumed that people opposed to it because they were afraid it would require euthanasia for the elder got their information from Fox News.  I was told it was insulting to assume that.  And then, of course, I was told by the very people that I suspected got their misinformation from Fox, that they were indeed Fox viewers.  Leaving aside the fact I was right, they did get their mis-information from Fox, I do want to answer the question as to why I suspect people to be Fox viewers whenever I hear a bit of fear mongered nonsense in an otherwise sane political debate.  

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Quantifiable Looniness

Now we know just how crazy the Republicans areQuantifiable Looniness


At last, someone has quantified what I have been saying for the last few years (see my first article from 2006 and again in 2007).  There is apparently a significant portion of our population (~10%) that cannot discern between reality and fantasy.  I am talking of course about the “birthers.”  I think we should look at this as an opportunity.  With this issue we can clearly see that there is a reality deficit problem with about 10% of our population. This isn’t an issue that you can have different opinions on.  There is reality and there is fantasy.  I really think that someone needs to do a formal study to see what exactly is wrong with these people. I have posited that they have problems with memory function.  But it could be anything. 

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Obama at Notre Dame

Obama and the Notre Dame ControversyObama
and the Notre Dame controversy


Ok, I admit it, I didn’t listen to the speech and I haven’t read
any transcripts. I am simply not that interested and have other things to do,
like laundry. But I am amazed that anyone cares about this story/controversy.
I suppose I understand, what with 25% of the American population is Catholic
and with the speaker being, you know, the President and all. But normally internal
disputes amongst the Catholics don’t gain national attention. And this time
only about 10% of the Bishops are upset. A small number when you think about
it. What I think is going on is that the rest of the Christian population, even
though they haven’t formally acknowledge the authority of the Catholic Church
for at least 300 years, still treat the Catholic Church as if they have some
residual authority. Kind of like children that have grown up and left their
parents home still defer to their parents even though it is not required. Except
these children, Christians, had sometimes violent disputes with their parent,
Catholic Church. I guess no matter how far we stray, some kids just can’t shake
off the yolk of arbitrary authority.