Playing Games with Our Economy

Our Economy is more important than Party PoliticsTwo Can Play This Game


Obama is in a bit of a tight spot with Congress.  He has presented a stimulus package that Democrats are a little uneasy with because he built in concessions for Republicans.  Republicans are asking for even more while saying they have no plans to vote for it regardless.  In short, Republicans leaders are not negotiating in good faith. The Republicans want to get their concessions and be in opposition at the same time.  If Obama allows them to do this they will have no incentive to stop their partisan behavior in the future.  Here is how I think Obama should play this.  Offer no more concessions.  Tell the Republicans you either vote for this or we withdraw it and put forth a plan the Democrats want and you get nothing.  If Republicans do not vote for the stimulus package then the Democrats should vote it down.  A revised stimulus package that Democrats really like should then be put forth and passed along party lines.  We then get an economic package we actually can be excited about and the Republicans will have learned a lesson.  You either play ball or you get nothing.

Clinton vs. Bush

Bush v ClintonBush and Clinton

Which is Worse?


I am continually shocked that there are people out there who think that Clinton, because he lied

about an extramarital affair is a worse president that Bush is.  Of course, the people who are making these claims never provide a side-by-side

comparison of the relative badness of Clinton v Bush.  So here is an incomplete comparison on which president was worse.

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