What exactly is Humanism?

An Introduction to Humanism on DVD by Jennifer HancockWhat is Humanism?

The question of exactly what Humanism, for some reason, is very contentious. Some think that Humanism is a non-theistic religion, like the American Ethical Union.  The American Humanist Association and the Council for Secular Humanism think that Humanism is a philosophy. To the Unitarian Universalists Humanism is simply one of the traditions they draw on for wisdom. Internationally and at the United Nations Humanism is considered to be an ethical life stance, meaning that it is the functional equivalent of a religion without being a religion. Confused yet? You’re not alone.

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Whence Came Sumogirl




I occasionally get comments from newbies to my website asking why I call myself Sumogirl.  Do I weigh some

amazing amount?  Am I huge?  Into something kinky?  What is it?  The simple answer is that I like sumo wrestling, the sport. To set the

record straight – here is what I look like.  I am 5 ft 9 inches and won’t reveal my weight, but as one of my online fans pointed out, I am

“way too cute to be a Sumo.”  Clearly I am not morbidly obese.

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