How not to get ridiculed

How not to get ridiculed by an Atheist

So, yesterday, I got an email from a youtuber asking me to friend him.  He is known as TheHonestTheist.  I didn’t.  But I did look at his video.  It was nice, a proselytizing piece about his revelations about faith. And aside from the fact he isn’t very honest because he got me to watch his video not by asking me for my opinion, but by pretending to want to be my friend, I thought he asked a really good question, which deserves a response.

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Obama’s Afghanistan Problem

Afghanistan Problem


First, let’s remember that Obama inherited the Afghanistan problem
and that Bush did not send additional troops when he was asked to either. So
presumably, there are good reasons pro and con on the troop level issues. What
I want to discuss is the nature of this problem and the Humanist approach to
solving problems in general.

The question of whether or not to send more troops is not an easy
one and it is the main reason why I am really glad I am not president. Because
I would hate to have to make that decision. Simply put, there is no good solution
right now available. Now, it is entirely possible that Obama is biding his time
hoping something on the ground in Afghanistan will change to help him make his
decision. But since there have been several high level meetings on the subject,
I think it is clear that he is actively tryng to come up with a good plan in
a bad situation.

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The Big Irony

Big Irony


The biggest irony of Joe Wilson’s, Rep of South Carolina, outburst
during the joint session of congress the other day is that he could have been
a bit of a hero to everyone. I am not saying that what he did was okay by any
stretch of the imagination. Interrupting the President during a joint session
is just plain rude. It’s just that he called Obama a liar when Obama was speaking
the truth. If, however, he had called Obama a liar when he was telling us that
the plan was debt neutral, a claim no one believes, we could all at least have
understood his frustration. Instead, he looks like an idiot. All because lying
about whether or not someone else is lying is just bad form anyway you look
at it.

Richardson or Clinton?

Obama, Richardson and Hillary ClintonHillary as Secretary of State?


Scuttlebutt has it that Barack Obama is apparently considering Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson for the position of Secretary of State.  I hope he chooses Bill Richardson.  The concern I have with Hillary is that she isn’t a very ethical person.  That isn’t to say she doesn’t have good intentions, she just is prone to resorting to lies and deceit to get her way.  I don’t respect that and am hoping that Obama will actually place trustworthy people around him, especially in a position as important as Secretary of State.

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McCain is like Britney Spears

McCain's trainwreck of a campaign is a lot like watching Britney Spears MeltdownIt’s Like Watching Britney Spears’ Meltdowns


McCain is all over the place.  And the media are following him around and the sense I get from the coverage is really, they are just waiting to see what the crazy old man does next.  It is a lot like how the media was following Britney around when she was having her meltdown.  Except, this guy wants to be President!

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McCain in Wierdland

Voodoo Economics is to blame for the economic crisisWeird Ideas


This has been a really weird week, especially given the bizarre claims being made by McCain and his followers.  Right now, they are saying that the economic mess that has been building since Reagan was in office is somehow Obama’s fault. Not the democrats fault, but Obama personally.  Bizarre. 

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Do Humanists get Mad?

Even humanists get madDo Humanists get mad?


I participate, when I can, in the Second Life Humanist discussions.  They are way more interesting then many real life meetings I have been to, and trust me; I have been to more than my fair share of Humanist meetings. I think what I like most is that we discuss the Humanist approach to various issues.  We don’t have an expert come and lecture to us, we simply discuss how we each, as Humanists, approach various issues.

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