Mentally Ill Humanists

Mental Illness among Humanists?Mentally Ill Humanists

So, it turns out that Clay Duke, the guy who held a school board hostage in Panama City claimed he was a Humanist on his website.  That he may have been a Humanist obviously had nothing to do with why he held people hostage at gunpoint. The fact that he was bipolar however did. Doesn’t matter, the anti-Humanist folk are using this incident to say basically “see – we told you they were dangerous.”

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Why it pays to be a Skeptic

Palm Reading is a scamPalm Reading Scams

Just another reason why it pays to be a Skeptic


Ok – it has happened again – a palm reader has bilked a group of people out of lots of money.  Seems like this happens every year or so in our county – you would think people would learn.  This time it was the Latino community taking in by a Senora Sara.  What surprised me wasn’t that it happened, as I said, it happens every year or so.  What actually caught my eye was that the amount stolen was so little, only $25k.  And yes, I know that is a lot, but previous takes were in the $50k range.  This psychic left town after only taking $25k.

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